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Following patches were deployed in Finacle Prod on yesterday.





DEFECT : It is observed that card modification/verification through CCMM menu is not happening in below few scenarios.

a. CIF is already having a closed card for the same account number.  

b. Hotlisting the card having more than 35 characters.

c. Closing the card by just entering the CIF ID.


Data Correction: For NSC and SB accounts for mentioned CSI tickets, when the user is doing closure, error- Some pending verification on the account is thrown. When user is trying to verify/cancel the same, error- There is nothing to verify or cancel is thrown.


Defect:BO ID and BO Name comes blank in all four Long Book SDP reports.


There are around 73000 KVP/NSC accounts, linked with interest credit account which could cause similar issue during closure of the linked SB accounts. 

 Data correction required for same to update int_cr_acid to null for these accounts.


DEFECT : Error is faced while linking the PAN during CIF creation. Bulk Correction and fix is provided to resolve the issue.


NEFT_RTGS: It is required to enable PPF/SSA deposits via NEFT payments. 

Changes done for same

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