GDS Payslip Mailer v4.0


GDS Pay Slip Mailer v4.0 is the latest version of GDS Payslip Mailer designed by PoTools. It is used to send Payslip of GDS staff in Post Offices from the concern DDO to Account Offices through email. Single GDS Payslip generated by the DDO splits into multiple slip, resized, combined a single PDF per Account Office and send mail to the concern Account office with two steps without much efforts.

What's New?

  • More Simplified and User Friendly.
  • 100% automated including configuration of eMail(No-Delivery office email id to be configured manually)
  • Fully Automated.
  • No of remaining offices displayed. 
  • Enabling of automatic resend option.(To avoid sending email multiple times to single office in case of any network breaks while sending bulk email).
  • GDS Pay Slip(Single PDF), GDS Paysheet(xlsx format),  ZFID(xlsx) is enough as Input.
  • No need to install supporting files. 

Installation & Configuration:

  1. Download latest version of GDS Payslip Mailer from PoTools Blog.
  2. Connect Mobile internet or any other public network before Install.
  3. Uninstall GDS Pay Slip Mailer older version & Install the version 4.0.
  4. Open GDS Pay Slip Mailer as Administrator, Click on Upload Data button from the Main Screen of GDS PaySlip Mailer.
  5. Enter India Post eMail ID and Password(without kavach OTP) then click on SAVE button.
  6. Click on CONFIG(Mobile/Public Internet is must). It takes few minutes based on your internet speed. In this step, supporting files are get installed automatically.
  7. Configuration is over once the configured message received.
Note: Right click on GDS Payslip Mailer.exe check  Run as Administrator under property option.


1. CONFIG button is not disabled even after configuration done message received. what to do?
Just close the GDS Payslip mailer v4.0 and reopen once again as administrator then click on CONFIG button.

Download Input file from SAP Module.

Open SAP Module and save the following three files with specified name in a folder.

FILE 1: (eMail Configuration - One Time - But file should be present in a folder)

  • Invoke Menu ZFID
  • Enter Reporting Division Facility ID :
  • Change layout /ZFID_SHP as then Execute
  • Save the spreadsheet as Excel name as ZFID.xlsx and Filter and update the email ID of the non delivery  Sub Offices. (one time process-In can of change/addition/removal of email can be done in the saved excel)

FILE 2: (for Every Month)

  • Invoke Menu ZPAYSHEET
  • Enter Pay Roll Area as GS, Enter current period or other period
  • Feed either personnel number of all the GDS in the multiple option or DDO code. Click on Execute
  • Save the spreadsheet as Excel name as PS.xlsx 

FILE 3: (for Every Month)

  • Invoke Menu ZHR_PAYSLIP
  • Enter Pay Roll Area as GS, Enter current period or other period
  • Feed either personnel number of all the GDS in the multiple option or DDO code. Click on Execute
  • Save the spreadsheet as Excel name as PS.pdf
All the three file generated in SAP should be placed in a folder and name convention for above files must be followed.

Procedure to send GDS Payslip eMail through v4.0

Step 1: Upload Data
Step 2: Send eMail

1. Upload Data in GDS Payslip Mailer v4.0:

  • Open GDS Payslip mailer v4.0 as Administrator
  • Click on Upload Data option then browse the INPUT folder then click on upload. 
  • In this stage, the paysheet, zfid and payslip processed and email configuration, employee mapping, file segregation & generation will be completed.
  • Filter option used to filter the list offices not having email id in the uploaded data.
  • Once uploading data completed, the tool is ready to send pay slip to the concern AO.
2. Send eMail
  • Click send email button - mail send to concern AO automatically with notification in the main screen. Don't close till completion.
  • Mail send stopped intermediately incase of network issue, open the GDS payslip application again for enabling of resend option automatically.


Click below link to download the latest version GDS Payslip Mailer v4.0
Note: Feel free to contact incase of any quires.