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Putty Commands for RICT Device

How to change system date of MCD
  1. Login to Putty (How to change IP Address for Connecting Putty with PC)
  2. Type root against Login as in command window
  3. Give Root Password (since Device has not yet provisioned give root password as visiontek)
  4. Type or paste the below command and press enter (You should change date and time according to needs and here clock is 24 hours)
date -s "2022-09-11 19:53:00"
hwclock -w

Download PuTTY for Windows

Command Format should be

date -s "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"
hwclock -w

Explanation :  2steps to be done to change the RICT/DARPAN device time at Operating System Level. 

Step 1:

date -s "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS" will change the RICT hardware system time through PuTTY /WinSCP Application. 

Step 2:

hwclock is called Real Time Clock (RTC), is a utility for accessing the hardware clock. hwclock -w  will set the RTC from the system time

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