Important information regarding FSI B.O code creation

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Darpan Android rollout activities are in progress for all circles, in this regard we have been receiving requests for FSI BO code creation from Circle CPC.'s, Divisions, Circle IT teams, PMU Units and from unknown Gmail id's. Also it was observed that no proper checks are being made by few Divisions and BO's already created are shared repeatedly. For few cases we are receiving request from different teams for the same BO's in multiple mails.

Hence it is suggested that New FSI BO Code creation shall be consolidated by division IT team(Template shared in attachment) and necessary checks shall be done to ensure correctness of the data.

FSI BO code availability can be checked in the following methods:

1. BO details report in MIS CBS report Serverby providing SOL ID


2. CASBAM --> Modify - select any SB account - Go - Use searcher available at " BRANCH OFFICE" field

Consolidated and verified list shared by CPC/Circle IT team , will only be taken up for creation of FSI BO Codes and will be notified

please ensure not to send duplicate request for creation


Q. How to know whether RICT - CBS ROLL OUT ACTIVITIES are completed or not for a BO?

Ans. Please ask to check in HACLINQ whether BO cash account i.e., Combination of SOL ID + FSI BO code, exists or not. If not exists, it indicates that RICT - CBS ROLL OUT is NOT completed

If BO cash account i.e., Combination of SOL ID + FSI BO code, exists or already doing RICT CBS operations through device, no need to send again for RICT - CBS ROLL OUT

For accessing RICT CBS APP, creation of BO cash office accounts and linking CSI BO facility ID, Updation of RSI Roll out flag , RICT CBS pre_roll out activities are required to be completed

Please raise a ticket with the following details and mention in the ticket that assign ticket with IBM_APP_RICT for RICT CBS pre_roll out activities

1. FSI BO code

2. BO Name

3. CSI BO facility ID as per MDM / CSI portal

4. Account office SOL ID

5. Account office SOL name

Please mark a copy of the above mentioned list to

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