It is requested to please provide SOP with excel template for bulk updation/maintenance of Leave Quota (Infotype 2006): Quota for numbers of newly joined officials and also provide SOP with template for mass Maintenance of absence period under Infotype 2001.


  • Create/Download Mass Upload IT2001 Excel as shown in the below image
  • Refer Absence type code from the below reference.
  • Invoke Tcode ZHR_IT2001_UPD from Authorized User 
  • Upload excel in the Mass Upload IT2001 Screen of SAP Module
  • Click on EXECUTE for uploading leave particulars in SAP

Upload Procedure:

Fill the correct data in the below attached format, then upload the file in the given T-code and click on Execute button. In the template, start date (from the date leave taken in format), end date (to the date leave taken in & absence type (refer to the subtype tab in the excel sheet or potools blog)


An infotype is an information unit used to store employee relevant data for master data Maintenace. Absences infotype (IT2001) is used to store the leave data already availed by the employee.

The following roles to be assigned to access the Mass upload of IT2001 Tcode

click below link to download Infotype Template for 2001 Absence bulk/Mass Upload

Download Infotype 2001 Template.xls