No. 20-1/2017-D (Pt. 1) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts 
Mail Operations Division
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 
Dated: 08.12.2023
The Chief Postmasters General All Circles

Subject: Modification in Bring your own device (BYOD) scheme -reg.

This has reference to letter of even no. dated 07.09.2022 regarding rolling out of Bring your own device (BYOD) scheme on Pan India basis.

2. Various references have been received from Postal Unions as well as it has been observed during field visits that there is either no payment or delayed payment is being made to the delivery staff. Currently the delivery staff must go through the process of submitting claim for availing remuneration under BYOD scheme, which is modified as under:

Present Scenario Revised process to be followed
Delivery staff has to submit a claim for availing the remuneration undershall BYOD scheme Supervisor of mail delivery or SPM/APM/PM verify if the condition(s) of BYOD are met and may forward the claim to Divisional head/sanctioning authority concerned after observing all due formalities for sanction are met. Thereafter, payment may be made to the delivery staff, on monthly basis without submitting the claim subject to availability of funds

3. The timeline for processing reimbursement under BYOD is as follows:

Sr. No. Activity Details Timeline : On or Before
(i) Verification of BYOD criteria Supervisor of mail delivery or APM/PM etc. shall verify that the criteria of handling (not delivery) of 90% of articles through PMA is met either by DPMS or PMA Beat delivery report on daily/weekly basis and prepare a consolidated report 3rd working day of every month
(ii) Forwarding of reimbursement claim The Claim for reimbursement to eligible delivery staff will then be forwarded to the concerned sanctioning authority such as Sr. PM/CPM/Div. Head etc. 5th working day of every month
(iii) Processing of sanction Sanctioning authority shall inspect the records and ensure that reimbursement is processed timely subject to availability of funds. 15th working day of every month


3.1 It is reiterated that delivery staff who opt for BYOD is allowed payment of monthly remuneration of Rs 350 subject to mandatory process of 90% of the total received articles through PMA. No. of articles delivered may not be considered for remuneration under BYOD scheme. It has been observed on multiple occasions that due to this misapprehension, remuneration to delivery staff who have opted for BYOD is not being processed. Delivery staff as well as supervisory staff may be made aware about handling of accountable articles through PMA.

4. All circles are requested to direct the Divisional Heads concerned for timely reimbursement under BYOD scheme, which is crucial for keeping the delivery staff enrolled in BYOD and incentivize other delivery staff to participate in this scheme.
(Dushyant Mudgal) DDG (Mail Operations)